1995 – Junior Ballet, La Paz, B.C.S. Mex.

1998 to 2004 – Jazz Club dance school, Girls’ Jazz and Tap, La Paz, B.C.S. Mex.

2002 to 2003 – Kids Theater at S.E.P (non dancing), La Paz, B.C.S. Mex.

2010 to 2012 -- Ballroom of FAU.

2010 – Present -- Independent ballroom lessons
Primary Instructors
Tommy Engler
Phil Palmer
Lucy Carleton and Leon Williams
Daniel Maloney
Denise Lazo

2012 -- Ballroom instructor at Dance Sport U.S.A and The Grand Ballroom, Delray, FL.

I choreographed modern/pop type dances as well
”Chip Chop Rustle” Dances We Dance, Spring 2012

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